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Tuesday, June 18


Right now, in our community at this very moment, there is someone who is dreaming about doing something to improve his/her lot.  If we could learn how to help that person transform that dream into meaningful work, we could be halfway to changing the economic fortunes of our entire community.  
~ Ernesto Sirolli, author of Ripples from the Zambezi

See his TED talk Shut Up and Listen here.  below:  

Monday, June 17

Art and Culture as Economic Development

Recently, the City of Tallahassee group, To the Village Square, hosted author and consultant, Peter Kageyama, to facilitate a workshop and make a presentation on the concepts he calls "For the Love of Cities," which is also the title of his book. His premise is that in order to a city to grow and thrive, its residents must love their place. And, most people love their place because it's fun--not because the local government is efficient at fixing pot holes. [Although fixing pot holes is a factor in getting the basic satisfaction of citizens, Mr. Kageyama says it won't get the city loved.] 

There's a lot of examples of what places have done to bring 'fun' to a place which are outlined in his book.  The bottom line is that the citizenry has to be able to have an outlet for their creativity--whatever that may be--and that local governments whose constant message is one of "NO" is not the place conducive to innovative economic development that attracts the 'creative class,' as described by author Richard Florida.  

Read more about arts and culture as economic development in this piece by Joy Jinks.